Episode 174 – Fruits Basket Part Two

We’re taking a look at the conclusion to the Fruits Basket series! We’re talking about gender, trauma, and finding something to live for.

We’re taking a look at the conclusion to the Fruits Basket manga series as well as the 2019 anime! We’re talking even more about gender, trauma, abuse, and, thankfully, finding something to live for.

Warnings: We give content warnings at the beginning of this episode, but to be abundantly clear, this conversation includes discussion of suicide, abuse, trauma, and transphobia, all within the context of Fruits Basket.

Some Sources You Might Find Interesting:

Transnational Transformations: A Gender Analysis of Japanese Manga Featuring Unexpected Bodily Transformations by June M. Madeley

The Always Smiling Girl: How Tohru critiques toxic positivity by Olivia “Livi” Burke

Thoughts on … Fruits Basket, and Toxic Motherhood by Jackson P. Brown

Love, Sex, and Power in Fruits Basket by Sara Connor

Honda Tohru and the Strength of Nurturing by Caitlin Moore

2-D Boys, 3-D Desires: A Critical Fan’s Primer to Romance, Sexuality & Gender in Shoujo Manga, Anime & Otome Video Games by Katherine M. Randazzo,

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