Episode 153 – The Lighthouse

It’s time to dive into The Lighthouse, meaning we’re talking about Freud, Jung, and myth, and seeing how many times we can say “phallus” in 1.5 hours!

The Lighthouse, or: two bros, chillin’ in a lighthouse, trying to kill each other ’cause they’re not gay. We’re kidding, mostly. Let’s talk about Freud, Jung, and myth, and see how many times we can say “phallus” in 1.5 hours!

Mistakes: When Missy says she wants to see an “indulgent, weird, complex, creepy horror movie,” but that Robert Eggers isn’t the person to direct it, she forgot to include “queer” in her description. Eggers has, in fact, directed at least two indulgent, weird, complex, creepy horror movies.

Some Sources You Might Find Interesting:

‘He Sort Of Wants A Daddy’: Decoding The Homoeroticism In ‘The Lighthouse’ by Matthew Jacobs

The Lighthouse’ Review: Dark Nights, Troubled Souls, Hairy Men by Manohla Dargis

‘The Lighthouse’ Ending Feeds Myth and Symbolism to the Birds by Vinnie Mancuso

‘The Lighthouse,’ ‘The Witch’ and the Horror of Robert Eggers by Richard Newby

The Lies of the Lighthouse by Acolytes of Horror

The Lighthouse, Twilight, And Masculinity by Kay and Skittles

‘It was a learning curve for everyone’: Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse’s tech experiments by Tasha Robinson

Why the Gay Subplots in ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Don’t Go Far Enough by Jude Dry

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