Episode 147 – Hannibal

Do you love gothic, blood-soaked romance, queer theory, aestheticism and lustfully eating birds? Join us as we take a look at NBC’s Hannibal!

Do you love gothic, blood-soaked romance? How about queer theory? How about aestheticism and lustfully eating birds with the man you’d like to kiss/kill? Then do we have a show for you. We’re talking about NBC’s Hannibal!

Warnings: Naturally, this episode has a warning for discussions of violence and abuse, as well as gaslighting, suicidal ideation, and mental health struggles.

Mistakes: The word is “Epistemology” not… whatever the heck Missy keeps saying.

Some Sources You Might Find Interesting:

What’s So Bad About Eating People? by Benjamin McCraw

The Art of Killing by Andrea Zanin

An Aesthete Par Excellence by Jason Holt

Becoming Unknown: Hannibal and Queer Epistemology by Sean Donovan

“Did You Just Smell Me?”: Queer Embodiment in NBC’s Hannibal by MaryKate Messimer

Keywords for American Cultural Studies, “Queer” by Siobhan B. Somerville

Blood in the Moonlight: Hannibal as Queer Noir by EJ Nielsen

This Is My Becoming: Transformation, Hybridity, and the Monstrous in NBC’s Hannibal by Jaquelin Elliott

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