Fake Geek Girls

A podcast looking a nerdy pop culture from both a fan and critical perspective, encouraging the things we love to do better.

New episodes every other Monday.

About Fake Geek Girls

Fake Geek Girls is about appreciating and critiquing media, not because we love to hate things, but because we believe wholeheartedly that pop culture shapes and is shaped by the world around us. Combining our critical minds with our passion for pop culture, we do deep dives into media like Avatar: The Last AirbenderJurassic Park, and even Bee Movie. Rather than focusing purely on whether we love or hate something, we try to explain why, what that means, and what values these pieces of pop culture hold beyond what they literally say on the page or screen, while also losing our minds about how much we love whatever we’re covering — most of the time.

These two "fake geek girls" go deep into topics I've never considered. It's a dive into the intellectual depths of fandom. Well worth the listen.
The podcasters are personable and well-informed! Great discussion of fiction, intersectional feminism, and geekery.
This place holds the right level of geek for me and validates me watching makeup tutorials and then tuning into Comic Book Club.

Where Do I Start?

Our podcast has been around since 2014, and we’ve learned a lot in the process — many of our older episodes are rough in the sound department, contain less focused discussions, and even views we no longer agree with. Thankfully, there’s no continuity to this show — pick a topic that looks interesting to you and hop on in!

Our current format starts around episode 50, but around episode 100 we stopped covering what we’ve been watching, reading, playing, and so in on our free time in the main episode and devoting separate episodes — our WWBUT episodes — to that content. If you want a lighter look at pop culture, WWBUT is for you. If you want deep dives, check out the main episodes.

We don’t recommend starting with episode one due to our inexperience, but we do preserve those episodes for posterity.