Episode 114 - Song of the Lioness Book 1 and 2

Cross-dressing, examinations of the necessity of violence, and the unfortunate consequences of second-wave feminism? That's right, we're talking about the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce! In this first entry, we're talking about Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess, books one and two of the series that started the beloved Tortall universe.

Warning: Some mentions of genitalia. No explicit content, just mentions.

Some Links You Might Find Interesting:

Closed Minds: Tamora Pierce's Teenagers and the Problem of Desire by Anastasia Salter

The REadWind: Alanna: The First Adventure by Melissa Brinks

Negotiating Femininity: Tomboy Gender Performance in the Writings of Tamora Pierce and Suzanne Collins by Shauna Maragh

Impostor Syndrome vs Exceptionalism in Alanna the First Adventure by Angela

More than escapism : environmentalism and feminism in the young adult fantasy novels of Tamora Pierce by Michael James Hancock

What a Cross-Dressing Lady Knight Taught Me About Gender and Sexuality by B Pietras

Tamora Pierce Writes Fantasy That Changes Lives by Meghan Ball

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Episode 46 - Media That Shaped Us

We're back with episode 46, discussing the media that shaped us. What formative works are responsible for the people we are today? You're about to find out, and boy, does it ever make a lot of sense.

Mistakes: Susan Pevensie is given both a magical horn that summons help and her bow and arrows. Missy forgot about the horn, but really, it only solidifies her point.

What Missy's Been Up To:


The Other Side Anthology, edited by Kori Michele Handwerker and Melanie Gillman


Kubo and the Two Strings


No Man's Sky

What Merri's Been Up To:


FEED by M. T. Anderson


Gravity Falls
Steven Universe



Some Links You Might Find Interesting:

Kubo Is Complicated, Flawed, And You Should Totally See It This Weekend
‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ Director Defends Non-Asian Cast: Inclusion Matters, But Don’t Reduce Diversity to a Hashtag by Steven Pond
Nora Reed on No Man's Sky and procedural generation
A Postcard from No Man's Sky by Gita Jackson

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