Episode 60 - Humor and Sexuality

Welcome to episode 60, in which we discuss...a lot of explicit topics with a humorous touch. Are sex jokes juvenile? How can sexual humor be funny without isolating people? What does all this have to do with video games?

Warning: This episode is explicit in every conceivable sense! There's cussing, there's sexual content, there are obscene gestures that you can't see. Not safe for work!

Given the allegations against Nick Robinson at Polygon, we're going to rescind our recommendation of Touch the Skyrim. While it was hilarious and even subversive, the additional context takes it from funny to creepy. We're not going to edit the episode because, at the time we meant what we said, but given what we know now we wouldn't make that recommendation.

What Missy's Been Up To:


Mass Effect Andromeda
Night in the Woods


Get Out

What Merri's Been Up To:


Battlestar Galactica
Star Wars Rebels

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S.EXE by Cara Ellison
Who is your video game Valentine? by Simone de Rochefort
The ‘Stardew Valley’ Modder Who Added Jerk Off Schedules For Every Guy by Patrick Klepek
Touch the Skyrim
Hot Masked Robot-on-Robot Action at Waypoint Radio
Danielle Riendeau's tweets
Hey Video Games, What’s the Problem with Dicks? by Kate Gray
Dick Joke by Todd Harper
The Age of Transformative Works Has Changed The Rules of Compelling Narratives by Meg Downey
Waypoint Mission Statement

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Episode 31 - Sex in the Geek Community with Liz Andrade & Hana Butler

We’re back with episode 31, discussing sex in the geek community with our friends Liz Andrade and Hana Butler! We chatted about vampire romance fiction, creating a more inclusive community, and the importance of ongoing discussions about sex and other topics in the geek sphere.

As a head’s up, we ran into some unfortunate audio issues on this episode due to new equipment, new programs, and Skype. We apologize for the low-quality recording and hope you listen anyway—Liz and Hana had wonderful, informative things to say and their contributions are one-hundred percent worthwhile.

Warning: Due to the nature of this episode, it is rated explicit.

Mistakes: The reason Missy couldn’t find the article she was looking for was because it was by Sarah Nyberg, not Zoe Quinn, and it is actually titled, “I Was a Teenage Edgelord.” Linked below, with trigger warnings.

Some Links You Might Find Interesting:

  • Sex Geekdom and Sex Geekdom Seattle
  • Contact Hana via email: hananoelleb@gmail.com
  • Contact Liz at CMD Shift Design | CMD Shift Design Sex Positive Design | All Cycles | Twitter | Instagram
  • John Oliver’s Segment on Sex Education
  • Missy’s article on romance systems: "Love in the Age of Dragons: Unpacking the Romance Systems of Dragon Age"
  • TEDTalk: Al Vernacchio, “Sex Needs a New Metaphor: Here’s One”
  • "Play Asia Will Sell Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for Western Audiences, to Spite Feminists, or Something” by Maddy Myers
  • ”I’m Sarah Nyberg, and I Was a Teenage Edgelord” by Sarah Nyberg (Trigger warnings for pretty much everything under the sun. Please be aware that this article contains mentions of rape, pedophilia, incest, homophobic slurs, racism, transphobia, and a whole bunch of other things.)

    Recommended Reading
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy (NSFW)
  • Dar! (may be NSFW)
  • Liz’s Valentine’s Day comic (NSFW)
  • Sex Nerd Sandra podcast (NSFW topics)
  • The Whorecast/ Winter is Coming… (NSFW)
  • Swing Set Network (NSFW)
  • The Kinky Geeks podcast (NSFW)
  • Why Are People Into That? podcast (NSFW)
  • Sex Out Loud podcast (NSFW)
  • Carnalcopia podcast (NSFW)
  • Bonk by Mary Roach
  • Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski
  • Girlsex 101 by Alison Moon and others
  • Sex is Fun by Kidder Kaper